California Proton Treatment Center

To Our Valued Family of Patients and Healthcare Professionals:

California Proton Treatment Center, LLC offers precise radiation therapy for cancerous tumors and certain non-cancerous conditions. Proton therapy targets tumors with charged particles, which minimizes or eliminates radiation exposure to normal healthy tissue compared with other available radiotherapy technologies. The Scripps Proton Therapy Center opened in February 2014, and currently operates with state of the art pencil-beam scanning technology, advanced imaging services and a team of the most experienced proton therapy experts.    

CPTC has filed paperwork to initiate a reorganization of our corporate structure. Our doors will remain open as normal throughout this process, and we will continue to provide the same high-quality cancer treatments and service.   

We wanted to share the following points to explain the situation to our patients, medical teams, and referring doctors:   

  • Day-to-day business will continue without interruption at the Scripps Proton Therapy Center, our facility in Mira Mesa.
  • Heading into this reorganization, CPTC secured $16 million in financing to ensure that services will be delivered uninterrupted.
  • CPTC will operate as usual with the same teams of physicians, nurses, medical technicians, and clinical staff.
  • Patients shouldn’t notice any change in the quality of care, and healthcare professionals can continue to refer patients to our facility without hesitation to receive cutting-edge cancer therapies and care.
  • An independent Patient Ombudsman will ensure that our transition to a new organizational framework won’t impact patients or our quality of care.   

Please view our press release, available at More details about the reorganization process itself can be found at Thank you for your support.     


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